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Very blessed to have found this place. All the staff is incredible. Wes has helped my through a very tough time and I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.

Nicole O.

Very friendly service! After one session I was able to step into a different perspective of myself and my daily life. Wes was very understanding and nonjudgmental. I recommend him!

Lulu S.

Going through a grieving process and coping with reality. Wes helped me realize how to just be still and breathe. It’s will be a continuing process but I’m willingly ready to try. After my first session, I look at how I process, how I control the situation, and not how others do. Wes really does Listen.

Wendy H.

Wes has been amazing, he’s funny too!

He definitely has a different way of approaching marriage counseling. At first you might be a little skeptical but when results follow you stop questioning it. We are focusing on the end goal and not the past.

We are very happy with what we have been able to accomplish with Wes. It’s always something new and it’s not the same repetitive things every session. Wes tells you from the beginning that you have to be committed. We are, and we get a lot in return from him. Looking forward to the next session and others to come.

You will always have issues but he teaches you how to deal with them. We are very happy with Wes and his approach on how to deal with our marriage.

Danny C.

I had a problem opening up with anyone about my issues, and I felt isolated and anxious. After working with Wes, I learned tools to manage my issues and move forward. I’m more able to open up to the people in my life and deal with problems better.
Wes is compassionate and insightful, and he is a professional who will definitely give you many a-ha moments to help you!

Danny G

Wes helped me get through one of the hardest part of my life working through anxiety.

Don’t even think twice about booking him as he is the one who will help you cope with whatever your going through!

Alex M.

Wes has been extremely helpful with dealing with my anger and anxiety. He is extremely knowledgeable and empathetic. He has been extremely helpful with ways to deal with my anxiety. He uses a logical and concise way to deal with triggers.

If you’re considering getting therapy definitely give Wes a try.

Diego V.

My first counseling session was amazing and it was really helpful. Wes helped me so much and I’m looking forward to my next session. Thank you.

Feddy F.

Wes helped me understand that there are things we have no control over. I would get frustrated and angry. I learned to accept what we can control and control my reaction to that instead. I feel more open and less angry. Do it, sign up.

Miguel R.

Despite being in a loving and healthy relationship, my partner and I had difficulties communicating problems with each other. We fought often over issues that should have been discussed more productively.

Our challenge to effectively communicate issues, the constant fighting, made us feel like our relationship was not healthy. We felt like our relationship was in jeopardy even though we loved each other so much.

Wes immediately helped the both of us see how we each contributed to the problem, how we each used words that were not aligned with our intentions, and how we each could approach discussions more respectfully. As a result, my partner and I understand each other better and we make efforts to communicate more effectively.

My boyfriend and I have a lot more empathy and patience for each other. We went from fighting and totally breaking down once a week to not fighting at all. We still miss the mark sometimes because we’re still learning and practicing, but we are no longer enemy combatants. We’re on the same team again.

My partner was on the fence about going to a couples counselor. From day one we were both sold! After every session we talk about how impressed we are by how smart, experienced and helpful Wes is. We look forward to every session, even if we know it’s going to be tough, because we know Wes will guide us. Make an appointment today and find out.

Since starting counseling with Wes, my partner and I have experienced unexpected life challenges. Because we already had a great foundation with Wes, I had faith we’d get through it with his assistance. I was right. I don’t know where we’d be without him. We owe him a great deal.

Malcolm M.

I wanted to know all the answers to fix my problems. I felt stressed out and anxious.

Wes told me to look at the how instead of the why, not to expect anyone to tell you what’s wrong but rather be there to give them what they say they need.

I was relieved that not everything needs to be shared to be happy with someone.

Wes will give you the space to air out you grievances and give you productive tools to help you reach your goals. He is a very sweet and compassionate man.

Vanessa M.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Rick and I get through our struggles. You helped us both in so many ways we never thought was possible. You helped me let go of my anger and pride and made me realize that Rick has always been the love of my life and I forgot how to express that to him because of the walls I put up… thank you thank you thank you!!!

Liz V.

I really enjoy seeing Wes with my wife. I truly recommend it. It has been such a wonderful experience gaining the tools to succeed and having someone to talk to.
If you are having second thoughts, just go for it. You wont regret  it!

Pablo P.

I am seeing Wes with my husband and I feel like it has helped us out tremendously. He helps you move forward in the moment instead of thinking of the past. It helps my husband and I communicate better.
I love the work he does here, and I love the way he approaches things.

Nicole H.

Before talking with Wes, I had resistance to taking important actions in my business and was allowing my business to run my life. He masterfully uncovered some key blocks and helped me remove them. Afterwards I took massive action in my business completing a project that had been “in the works” for months AND was able to actually enjoy some relaxation time, putting me back in control of my life and not having my schedule in control of me.
Wes is very present and insightful in his coaching and can get to the root of the issue effectively to help you move forward in your life.

Linda S.

My partner and I decided to seek Wes’ help. I have seen other therapists before and I can attest first hand that the approach Wes takes has been the most effective for us. We don’t sit on a couch venting with each other wanting to cut each others throats when we leave the room, instead we work on ways we can communicate better in a way that builds connection between us.  Simply stated, he gets to the the root of the issue instead of focusing on the symptoms. We love the down to earth, non-BS way he gets things through to you.

During these very difficult times it is reassuring to know that Wes is there to fulfill the needs of us people in need. Give him a shot, you will be happy with the results.

Lucia C.

Wes is a well-equipped coach and a caring individual!
I went to Wes for help with creative blocks and fear. After working with him, I felt that I could tackle these issues with a reframing of the outcomes. Over several days of practice, the process became easier and I felt a new sense of freedom to explore and create regardless of the output.
I highly recommend meeting with Wes, and then decide if he is a good fit for you.

David K

Thank you to Wes. I spoke with him today about some things I am going through and he was very helpful to get to the bottom of where I had been discouraged and needed support. He gave really good examples that were relevant to my situation.

Tiffany C.

I would like to say Wes is awesome. I am not the type of person that likes to share personal problems with somebody else, but after the first appointment Wes made us feel comfortable and good with the whole situation. He only used true facts and common sense about our situation and really helped us a lot. Thank you and I highly recommend Wes 110%
Thank you again!!!

Christian H.

My wife and I have been seeking help from Wes since September. We have found every session to be very rewarding and fulfilling due to the fact that he doesn’t just listen, but he gives us techniques and things to do to help with our situation. I have seen tremendous improvement in the months that we have come. We highly recommend Wes for his dedication and attention to his clients! We have definitely seen an extreme improvement in our situation.

Ricardo A.

After the session, I feel so much better all around. I’ve grown a lot and have better insights about everything. My relationship with my husband is amazingly better. I just needed that extra awareness and I feel like a different person, a better me. Thank you so much for helping me figure that out from just one session. I truly appreciate it.

Vanna H

I had uncontrollable anxiety for over 20hrs continued or so when I had my first session with Wes. That one appointment saved my life. I immediately felt relieved and from there on I learned how to control my anxiety without the use of medications. I am still working on my depression, which is very severe. I have insurance to cover for my mental health, but finding a therapist that does a good job under my insurance has been a challenge. I chose to pay out of pocket for my sessions with Wes because I know the therapy works and I’m making progress in each session.

Adrys A.

Going to Wes has been the best decision I’ve made so far. Not only has he helped me on my current relationships with family and friends, he’s helped me learn so much about myself. Wes is amazing he makes it easy to talk to him, open up and not feel judged but most importantly he doesn’t make me feel crazy.

Liz V

Great therapist. I came here for self help and marriage counseling. Wes was great. Ever since we came we are more at peace and more able to communicate with each other. I recommend Wes!

Ralph G.

Wes doesn’t do surface level work but he really digs deeper into rooted issues. He also wants you to learn the tools to really help you even after working with him, which is so great! I went to my first appointment with Wes and he made me see things different already with just one visit. I felt very comfortable. He gave me homework which I think is great because I can focus on it while I am away.
I’ve been going for a few weeks now and it’s incredible to see how Wes is able to already pinpoint some of my biggest fears that causes my anxiety. Each time I come to him I learn something new about myself. I am really happy about finding him and am excited to see where it will take me!

Angeline T.

Wes is an amazing trainer who has a wealth of knowledge to share. I’m bummed we didn’t have more time because I could have kept exploring our topic for another hour… or days! I can’t wait for the next time Wes offers to teach! I’ll definitely be there!

James C

It was a helpful overall experience. Understanding oneself is one of the biggest mysteries in life. Wes, thank you for the step by step introduction in this topic.

Josef M.

Wes is very knowledgeable about personality types associated with the Enneagram test! I look forward to meeting again to learn more in depth!

Courtney N.

Wes Lucus is one of the best life coaches I have met, and I have many!
He not only has wisdom beyond his years, he backs it up with his life. He is an example in many areas of his life, which makes me feel at ease in trusting him with the deepest parts of my life. And he has given me advice over the years that has helped me break through some major challenges and ultimately brought me abundant joy in my life. He is a pleasure to work with, and a great friend that I am glad is part of my life journey.

William P.

Wes has been very helpful. He knows how the mind works with emotions and feelings. We have been doing simple techniques that help get to the root of the mind I have been doing well with my breakthrough. I recommend this help for people who really want to get out of their rut and change their patterns.

B. M.

I was always anti-therapy but felt very comfortable meeting with Wes. I felt he truly listened and understood my struggles and gave me tools to work through it. Sure, I feel like I take a step back but in all honesty I don’t practice the tools as much as I should. I do feel a LOT more at peace with myself than when I first met with him. Thank you!

Alex J.

My mental health was at its lowest and I was feeling dizzy all the time, and I decided to call Wes. I been seeing Wes for a few months now and he has honestly helped me so much. He taught me grounding techniques that have really helped me with my anxiety. I leave the sessions feeling better each time. Thank you Wes!

Maria C.

Wes was a great practitioner. His sessions were very productive. He helped learn how to perceive, analyze and nurture myself in a healthy way. I have had counseling before many years ago, but I have to say this time I feel I got so much more out of it.
Wes taught me very resourceful tools for not only now but a lifetime. Give him a 100%

Vanessa M.

Started seeing Wes and he’s been solid support. I’ve built confidence I never had, understand things better, express myself better, and realize I haven’t experienced life.
I’ve been given the tools and I’m learning to use them.
Easy to talk to, great direction… gives hope. I’m happier, clearer in thoughts, just getting this excitement to experience more out of life. 
Don’t hold yourself back, Wes is someone I’d recommend.
You have nothing to lose but any self-imposed limits.
Do it for you.

Christian O.

When I first realized I needed some professional help to deal with my anxiety I thought long and hard about what it was I wanted. My first requirement was to find someone who would help me “rewire” my brain. The second was that I wanted it to happen in a manner that  would make me feel like the therapist knew what I was going through. I sat down with Wes in my first session expecting to go into the source code in my brain and modify it. The first session was indeed the start of the rewiring process. After just a few sessions I was a different man. Wes explained to me that anxiety was nothing more than an emotion; an emotion that was there to get me to pay attention to what my mind and body needed. I now look at anxiety not as an enemy but as a tool to face my fears and transcend to a place where I better understand myself and what it is I must do to carry on with my life.

Thanks Wes.

Jorge G.

I have suffered from paranoid delusions and psychosis, which is notoriously difficult to treat.  However, my happiness and emotional stability has been greatly improved with my sessions with Wes over the past six months.  I really appreciate his help in dealing with some of my underlying issues, including unresolved past trauma. I highly recommend Wes .  If he can help someone with as many issues as me, I’m sure he can help you too.

Steven G.

It has been quite the ride since I began therapy with Wes. I look back to where I was just six months ago and I can undoubtedly say I’m in a better place. Wes has been an integral part of my therapy. With his guidance I’ve tackled anxiety from different angles and I now feel more resilient. We’ve even delved into my unconscious mind and retrieved some important messages, things I needed to know. 

Therapy is, to a lesser extent, pinpointing other areas of my life that need attention. For that I’m grateful.

Thanks Wes

Vikram A.

Although my experience with Wes was limited to 1 session due to my own budget restrictions, I found him to be a good listener, compassionate, and certainly a professional. I’m not even sure how to label the service he provided me (combo of chatting & hypnosis?) but I can say that just from one session, I left feeling calmer & my mood generally improved. Based on that experience, I feel confident recommending him to others.

Derrick B.

When I first started a business, I needed help overcoming some mental blockers I had about asking people for money. Wes helped me think through my past and identify the historical incident that led to this, and together we removed it. I’m now more confident when I present proposals to my clients. That alone was worth every penny to me. The other exercise we did together which I found helpful was to learn more about myself and my values. Wes was able to help me identify my core values through an interesting technique, and the result was surprising to me. It showed me that what I truly value is different than what I thought I valued. This has helped me understand my behaviors and therefore helps me change. To me, Wes is like a Yoda Master, he is full of such sage wisdom that has come from his own personal growth but also years of advanced training. I trust Wes, and I highly recommend you trust him and hire him to help you improve. He helped me grow as a person, he helped my business, and he helped me with my goals and my relationships. Frankly, he helped me to the point where I feel like I no longer need help! But at least now, I know who to turn to when I need advice and help.

Joe S.

I have had an opportunity to work professionally with Wes. Building a new business from the ground up comes with many challenges both personally and professional.  Wes brings unique insights and guidance that has helped me to bring out my A game as an entrepreneur.  I recommend Wes!

Rob F.

Wes is an amazing human.  He’s coached me over the years with my business, relationship, spiritual journey, just life in general really, and life has never been better.  He taught me to look inward for answers, something that will serve me forever.

Eric S.

Wes is a kind, patient and very skilled practitioner.

When you work with him, he applies the many tools in his toolbox to assist you in becoming your best you.

Wes is flexible, open-minded, reliable and a great resource for accountability and support.

Over a few short weeks, Wes helped me breakdown and breakthrough some very traumatic and lifelong limiting beliefs.

If you want to work with a heart-centred, trustworthy coach, consultant and trainer, Wes will go above and beyond your expectations!

Thank you Wes for your dedication to a wiser and more aware world.

Heather C.

I have had the delighting experience of working with Wes Lucus several times. There is something about the way he approaches a situation and is able to pull truths out of me. Truths that I’ve not even been aware of myself. One of my biggest issues is determining which direction to go in and what it is that I truly want. Being able to get to what is really important to me is critical and Wes Lucus has helped me more than I can say.

Sue M.

I know Wes at a personal and professional level, as I had attended a few of his classes and several of his meetings. Some of what he taught me was the psychology of how to talk and read people. Fascinating that we unconsciously send signals to each other; the observant mind can pick up on words don’t say.

I also thought he was generally knowledgeable on all subjects and is easy to talk too. He is a good teacher and a good friend and I have learned a lot from him.

There is a lot of wisdom in this man and you would be wise to listen to him too as he speaks.

Larry J.

Wes is a great counselor.  The lessons he taught me in just one session improved my communication personally and professionally.

Robert F.

I came in to see Wes for a few sessions upon dealing with personal issues and finally wanting to seek a change from the norm. I feel like after a few sessions, I’m finally on the right track with things. I feel like I’m regaining control of my life thanks to Wes. Wes is a super down to earth guy, great listener and straight shooter. No BS, which I like.

Mina G.

Wes was amazing and really helped me see what I was missing when it came to dealing with various issues in my life. He was very kind and knew how to listen without interrupting or judging. He gave really good advice that helped me and my partner to see our real problems and our deepest fears. 10/10 would recommend him to anyone dealing with problems.

A. Y.

Been seeing Wes for almost a year now. Honestly a great therapist. He’s helped me with everything from personal problems to workplace problems. This isn’t your typical form of therapy where your just gonna go and complain for an hour and have someone just take your side; in this place, you’ll talk and find a solution. Actually following the weekly plan i set with Wes every week; I see a huge difference in my life. I highly recommend seeing Wes.

Fel L.

Wes has directed me down a much better path, and I cannot believe how my day-to-day reactions and thought process have so dramatically changed. 
This is the second time I have had professional help in my life (I was not thrilled with my first experience roughly 15 years ago); I am 32 now and cannot be more happy with the service Wes provided to me over the past few months.
I have had issues with self-worth, guilt, and depression for many years.
Alcoholism brought me in originally (I sought out help, was not court-ordered), and we quickly dove into the deeper issues I have to find the root of my urge to self-medicate.
Wes used some guided meditation and visualization methods to get me to ask and answer some really tough questions about myself.
He sent me on my way with homework after each session (totally achievable homework) and we discussed some at the next session before continuing the deep dive. He made it clear from the start that the goal is to find the root of the issues at hand and address them directly; he meant to be an effective counsel with the goal of getting to the point where I did NOT have to continue to see him.
My wife has wanted to me to see someone for a long time, but I just could not do it until I was ready to do it for myself; she is very excited to see my demeanor turning around in the way it has since seeing Wes. I do not even think of alcohol as a resort after about 2 months without and coming to these sessions.
A couple months ago, I woke up one morning after a particularly bad day with alcohol and found Wes online and booked my first appointment through the website quick and easy… It has changed my life forever.

Casey W.

My hubby and I have been coming to see Wes for our marital and personal issues and we have seen that it’s really helped. We are able to communicate better not just with each other but with other significant loved ones as well.  I strongly recommend Wes as a therapist. He’s amazing at listening and giving valuable feedback.

Sara R.

I had intermittent depression for over 2 years when I came to Wes. He guided me through to help me find my mental dark spots that had been sludging in since my early childhood, then he used professional methods and relieved me of it. It’s like a psychological detox. Immediately I felt a lot better after my first session with Wes. He is very skillful so he can always find the reason to my problems and teaches how to solve them with AND without his help. Every time me met I have great experiences.  I definitely recommend Wes if you’re seeking for real professional help.

Nuoomy I.

Wes has a very goal-oriented way of applying his session (in terms of setting goals for you). He’ll listen to you talk and ask just enough questions about your situation/issue. After that he’ll provide insightful advice on the issue at hand. Sometimes the points he makes are a bit abstract but he relates it to your situation and other relatable situations so it eventually makes sense.

I won’t spoil any specifics but depending on the issue you bring up to him that day, he may guide you through certain mental exercises in the session to help reframe your mind about how you view your current issue. If the exercise(s) don’t immediately blow your mind and heavily change you, they’ll at least make you consider a more positive point of view and point you in the right direction to make changes in your life.

One thing that seems specific about him is that despite his advice he ultimately does not tell you what you should or should not do based on his own standards. Rather he focuses on figuring out the goals you want and motivating and guiding you towards figuring what YOU want to do.

Wes has helped me with various insecurities I’ve had and pushed me to reframe my mind in what I need to do. If you get Wes as a therapist, you will not be disappointed.

Angelo R.

Powerful visualization tools, very purposeful questions that helped me reflect. Tremendously helpful if you’re able to be honest with yourself and choose happiness 🙂
Worth the investment! Thank you Wes!

K. C.

I highly recommend Wes. He helped me and boyfriend find ourselves again. It was a rollercoaster but he gave us good advice and techniques. Anyone who is struggling in their relationship and is seeking answers or any help, reach out! you won’t regret it!

Jazmin Q.

Wes is one of those people that truly enjoys helping people!

Jayson T

I thoroughly enjoyed more tools to add to my arsenal for successful outcomes!

Norma R

Very clear instructions given in our session. Wes is a great teacher! I look forward to implementing what I learned.
I’m glad I chose Wes!

Sochia D.

Wes knows how to ask all the right questions to think about how and why you are stuck.

Very positive vibration and energy.

He had me thinking about things differently after 30 minutes.

Wes understands what it’s like to be a high-performer.

Lena W.

Thank you for your time and positive attitude!
The meeting was well-paced and definitely full of juicy content.
Can’t wait to start implementing what we talked about.
I know this is just a building block to the bigger picture; thank you for the huge stepping stone in the right direction. 

Vince S.

Wes is a powerful, impactful, and caring man. He has the ability to articulate the problem and create a solution.

Ashley C.

Wes is so easy to talk to, a great listener, and has a gentle style that guides you and makes his point subtly. He is well read and recommends books so naturally in the conversation. You get the feeling he really cares about knowing the person he’s talking to.
Wes would be a great business coach even if you don’t think you need one! He has the entrepreneurial spirit but knows how to make it work in today’s economic climate. He can help anyone who just wants some ideas for improving themselves and their business and taking it to the next level – whatever that may be.

Joan W.

Great professional advice, would highly recommend his services. The 1 hour consultation provides great insight into your business and a breakdown of the next steps needed for your business to prosper

Ryan A.

There are people who are great speakers or great listeners but rare is it to find someone like Wes who is both! Wes has an amazing ability to ask questions that open up your mind to infinite possibilities! If you are looking to make major changes or simply break through a current road block, Wes Lucus can help and take you a bit further than you even dreamed possible!

Christine S.

Wes helps you see more clearly the better paths in life.  Highly recommended.

Tony J.

Wes knows to ask just the right questions to help you figure out what direction to move in. I am looking forward to his next workshop.

Wanda D.

In the one hour I spent with Wes, I started thinking about things differently.  I considered my thoughts and assumptions from a different angle.  I found Wes to be easy to talk to, empathetic, a good listener who asks good and challenging questions.  I recommend talking to Wes if you are looking for someone to help you get unstuck.

Gerda Z.

Wes is professional, dynamic and an “out of the box” thinker who knows how to curtail his advice to truly meet your needs. I have benefited from our exchanges immensely! If you are really ready to multiply your growth and streamline your business, talk to this man! Call him TODAY! I knew after our first introductory call that I was talking with someone who brings real value. You can trust Wes to guide you with solid advice, integrity, wit and generosity. What I got out of this was far more than I put in!

Carlos C.

I attended the Smarter Than SMART seminar on Saturday, January 27, 2017. I found this seminar very beneficial. It made me realize that I have to set “practical” goals and be focused on these goals, but still be aware of the surroundings and obstacles that can interfere with mu goals. If you need to make changes, you need to be very flexible in order for your business to prosper. You have to understand what you do best, and get help in other areas of your business if necessary. I definitely recommend this seminar.

Judy L.

Wes Lucus is a master at what he does – helping people get in touch with their own resources to solve your problems and maximize your gifts.

Wes is as insightful as he is talented.  I feel like he gets me.  He’s able to come up creative solutions that really do work both immediately and in the long run.

I recommend him highly.

Mike B.

Even if you feel like you have it all together, I promise–you don’t. Are you feeling the slightest bit unsatisfied about something? You probably have goals that are never fully resolved and potential that feels untapped.

So what to do?

Find someone with the skills, knowledge, and dedication to guide you toward a better you.

With Wes Lucus at my side, I’ve lost thirty pounds, am experiencing less stress and anxiety which comes from just living in this crazy world, and am content that my life is headed in a meaningful direction.

We all know the pain of regret, so stop feeding it. You need to make an investment in yourself if you wish to maximize returns and the best place to start is with an experienced life coach. Wes Lucus is that person. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to him. Without him, I’m certain I would still be lost.

Phillip M.

I had been working on my goals previously and found it very useful to explore deeper into myself with Wes’ workshop.  I felt very enlightened being at this event and have been working on bettering myself ever since.  A very worthwhile exploration and I would recommend this to all walks of life as the tools learned can be used in any career or in any stage of life. Very unique! Highly recommend!

Lindsay R.

Every interaction with Wes enriches my business and has helped me as an individual to grow and overcome obstacles.

Joe S

His sessions were great for me as they helped me to achieve a break through that I needed in order to help myself take action that I needed to. It was insightful and helpful and I would really recommend it. Wes is a good person and is committed to helping others and won’t let you veer off course while doing his sessions.

Dana G.

Wes is a good listener and has a knack for pinpointing what is really going on. He is a caring professional and I cannot say enough about how much he helped me.

I would definitely recommend Wes to help you.

Wes was extremely professional and made the effort to understand me from a holistic point of view.

We started with baby steps which I was able to master. On our last session we went further into my issue, set a realistic goal, and I am looking forward to my future success.

John M.

Simple, straightforward, but more importantly it works! It has already has helped me to de-clutter my life. Wes helped me to prioritize, organize and gave me a system that is easy and effective. Whew! Thanks Wes

Will P.

SO GLAD I SIGNED UP…there were a lot of ideas I seriously had never used and some things I just wasn’t using to the full potential. At any rate, I’m starting small – with just a few changes – and am already seeing noticeable improvements.

Mary F.

This course is packed with useful information and there is not a lot of “fluff”. Highly recommend. Well worth the money 🙂

Lance W.

Very well organized and some GEMS for long timers too!

This course really caught my attention as my email inbox DEFINITELY has grown to OUT OF CONTROL! I already organize my stuff but this reminded me that there are better, smarter and new ways to declutter! I am a business owner and recommending this course to my staff. THANK YOU Wes for putting this together.

B. Shell

Spending less than one hour with Wes will save countless wasted hours! Thank you, Wes, for a clear, concise, incredibly useful course that not only jumps right into action steps, but follows up with organizational habits to cultivate for continued success. Perfect!

Patty S.

I like how you focused on actionable items to increase productivity, rather than just theories and broad concepts. I have already started implementing some of the strategies you outlined and I can tell that I am more focused and productive while I’m working, so I spend less time and get more done.

Anna R.

I had a breakthrough the last time we worked together when I realized I am in control of the barriers that are inside me. Since then I have been manipulating and changing and controlling all the aspects of my emotions and enjoying some success with it.

J. Griffiths