Angelo R.

Wes has a very goal-oriented way of applying his session (in terms of setting goals for you). He’ll listen to you talk and ask just enough questions about your situation/issue. After that he’ll provide insightful advice on the issue at hand. Sometimes the points he makes are a bit abstract but he relates it to your situation and other relatable situations so it eventually makes sense.

I won’t spoil any specifics but depending on the issue you bring up to him that day, he may guide you through certain mental exercises in the session to help reframe your mind about how you view your current issue. If the exercise(s) don’t immediately blow your mind and heavily change you, they’ll at least make you consider a more positive point of view and point you in the right direction to make changes in your life.

One thing that seems specific about him is that despite his advice he ultimately does not tell you what you should or should not do based on his own standards. Rather he focuses on figuring out the goals you want and motivating and guiding you towards figuring what YOU want to do.

Wes has helped me with various insecurities I’ve had and pushed me to reframe my mind in what I need to do. If you get Wes as a therapist, you will not be disappointed.

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