Casey W.

Wes has directed me down a much better path, and I cannot believe how my day-to-day reactions and thought process have so dramatically changed. 
This is the second time I have had professional help in my life (I was not thrilled with my first experience roughly 15 years ago); I am 32 now and cannot be more happy with the service Wes provided to me over the past few months.
I have had issues with self-worth, guilt, and depression for many years.
Alcoholism brought me in originally (I sought out help, was not court-ordered), and we quickly dove into the deeper issues I have to find the root of my urge to self-medicate.
Wes used some guided meditation and visualization methods to get me to ask and answer some really tough questions about myself.
He sent me on my way with homework after each session (totally achievable homework) and we discussed some at the next session before continuing the deep dive. He made it clear from the start that the goal is to find the root of the issues at hand and address them directly; he meant to be an effective counsel with the goal of getting to the point where I did NOT have to continue to see him.
My wife has wanted to me to see someone for a long time, but I just could not do it until I was ready to do it for myself; she is very excited to see my demeanor turning around in the way it has since seeing Wes. I do not even think of alcohol as a resort after about 2 months without and coming to these sessions.
A couple months ago, I woke up one morning after a particularly bad day with alcohol and found Wes online and booked my first appointment through the website quick and easy… It has changed my life forever.

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