Jorge G.

When I first realized I needed some professional help to deal with my anxiety I thought long and hard about what it was I wanted. My first requirement was to find someone who would help me “rewire” my brain. The second was that I wanted it to happen in a manner that ¬†would make me feel like the therapist knew what I was going through. I sat down with Wes in my first session expecting to go into the source code in my brain and modify it. The first session was indeed the start of the rewiring process. After just a few sessions I was a different man. Wes explained to me that anxiety was nothing more than an emotion; an emotion that was there to get me to pay attention to what my mind and body needed. I now look at anxiety not as an enemy but as a tool to face my fears and transcend to a place where I better understand myself and what it is I must do to carry on with my life.

Thanks Wes.

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