Malcolm M.

Despite being in a loving and healthy relationship, my partner and I had difficulties communicating problems with each other. We fought often over issues that should have been discussed more productively.

Our challenge to effectively communicate issues, the constant fighting, made us feel like our relationship was not healthy. We felt like our relationship was in jeopardy even though we loved each other so much.

Wes immediately helped the both of us see how we each contributed to the problem, how we each used words that were not aligned with our intentions, and how we each could approach discussions more respectfully. As a result, my partner and I understand each other better and we make efforts to communicate more effectively.

My boyfriend and I have a lot more empathy and patience for each other. We went from fighting and totally breaking down once a week to not fighting at all. We still miss the mark sometimes because we’re still learning and practicing, but we are no longer enemy combatants. We’re on the same team again.

My partner was on the fence about going to a couples counselor. From day one we were both sold! After every session we talk about how impressed we are by how smart, experienced and helpful Wes is. We look forward to every session, even if we know it’s going to be tough, because we know Wes will guide us. Make an appointment today and find out.

Since starting counseling with Wes, my partner and I have experienced unexpected life challenges. Because we already had a great foundation with Wes, I had faith we’d get through it with his assistance. I was right. I don’t know where we’d be without him. We owe him a great deal.

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