Joe S.

When I first started a business, I needed help overcoming some mental blockers I had about asking people for money. Wes helped me think through my past and identify the historical incident that led to this, and together we removed it. I’m now more confident when I present proposals to my clients. That alone was worth every penny to me. The other exercise we did together which I found helpful was to learn more about myself and my values. Wes was able to help me identify my core values through an interesting technique, and the result was surprising to me. It showed me that what I truly value is different than what I thought I valued. This has helped me understand my behaviors and therefore helps me change. To me, Wes is like a Yoda Master, he is full of such sage wisdom that has come from his own personal growth but also years of advanced training. I trust Wes, and I highly recommend you trust him and hire him to help you improve. He helped me grow as a person, he helped my business, and he helped me with my goals and my relationships. Frankly, he helped me to the point where I feel like I no longer need help! But at least now, I know who to turn to when I need advice and help.

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