How to get people to listen to you

We are selfish communicators.

When we speak, we want people to understand our perspective. When we sell, we want to tell prospects what they should buy and why. When we lead, we want people to do what we say. When we debate, we just want everyone to know why we’re right.

We think that all that matters is the words we say, or rather, the meaning we intend to communicate with the words we say.

But if we really want to be heard, if we want our stories and our suggestions to make a difference, our idea of communication has to change.

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Connect People. Spark Impact.

Many self employed people need only their laptop and cell phone to get business done… which means any old coffee shop will do when you need to get out of the house. But don’t you hate it when you get there and all the tables are taken, except for that one wonky sticky one? And what about all the interruptions from the blenders and bean grinders? What do you do if you want to meet with someone and appear more prestigious than what Starbucks can offer?

Soon after getting to town, I found the perfect place where I could work and meet with people at London’s hottest club. I mean, this place has everything: Masterminds, Connectors, Dogs, a Party Dungeon, a Zen Meditation/Yoga room, a miniature library, a bank vault that no one has the code for, a coffee shop run by a local guy and an anonymous 3rd party code-named “Joe…”

It’s no wonder there are so many ways to describe it…

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How do you know everyone already?

Imagine this – You want to grow your business, but you don’t know anyone.

What do you do?

Maybe you’re not in a new town where you have zero connections, but what I frequently hear with my clients is that they’ve already talked to their friends & family, and how do you connect with people who would be good customers?

Soon after moving to London, people would ask me “How do you know everyone already?

Now I’m looking back on the strategic actions, and experiments, I used to build a network as effectively as possible…

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What the heck is a PechaKucha?

I was warned. It wouldn’t be easy. But what I experienced in that space shuttle would teach me one of the most valuable life lessons.


PeCHA KuCHA: The sound of “chit chat”

Originating in Japan, and taking place in cities all around the world, speakers share their stories with a slideshow of 20 photos, each showing for 20 seconds. In April I had the pleasure of participating in this unique event with my story entitled “What I learned from my mission to Mars.”

I volunteered to speak because I saw it as an opportunity to stretch – to practice and grow in a few different ways: Read more… “What the heck is a PechaKucha?”