How to Get More Customers

You know, there are lots of sales training resources out there.

They all have good information, but they don’t work for everyone.


Why is that?

What if you knew the principles behind all those trainings?

How useful would it be, not only to sell effectively but to influence others and really make an impact?

Imagine what changes you would make in your life once you got your sales down to a predictable process!


Now, I’m not saying I have all the answers here.

But I do have a different perspective.

And I know it’s effective.


I’ve seen the amazing results my clients get when they adopt these changes.

I enjoy teaching these in my workshops.

And I want to share them with you too.


Here are the 3 most important keys to getting more customers and growing your business.



You’ve heard of rapport, right?

That feeling of connection between people.

Some call it “Know, Like, and Trust”


When people feel connected, they start behaving like each other. It’s a weird unconscious process. You’ll see them start to match posture and gestures. They’ll even start talking alike.

And when people are in rapport, they feel comfortable.


And what’s more important

They are less critical of each other.


Why does that matter?


You don’t want people looking for all the faults in your message.

You want them to hear what you are saying: You provide a good and useful service!


There are several covert techniques to build rapport, but we’re not going to cover them here. Start with a simple intention to make people feel comfortable.

In your tone.

In your questions.

In your behavior.

That’s your first priority.


Solve a Problem

Don’t just talk about what you do.

People don’t want your product or service.

They want the solution to a problem.

They want the end result.


They don’t want an aspirin.

They want their headache to go away.


So let me ask you…


What problem do you solve?

What is the result your customers are looking for?


Trigger Emotion

Did you know that people rely most on emotion when making decisions?

It’s odd, I know.

We all think we’re intelligent, rational people. We think our decisions are based on logic.


Here’s what really happens…


We think about our options.

We feel a feeling.

We become consciously aware of that feeling.

We try to rationalize that feeling and come up with a logical explanation for it.


It happens so fast that we rarely even notice.

But pay attention next time. There’s always a feeling.


Why does that matter?

Because people won’t feel compelled to decide unless they feel the feels first.

When you’re talking about your product or service, evoke the appropriate emotions. Everybody wins!


Those are the 3 keys.

But you know what… I’m going to give you one more.

You can go far with the first three…

  • Build rapport.
  • Solve problems.
  • Trigger Emotions.

But it’s this last one that really makes things happen.



Sounds too simple, right?

Ask for the sale.

You’d be surprised how many salespeople skip this one.


It’s not enough to talk about your business.

It’s not enough to share testimonials.

It’s not enough to expose a problem or educate them on the solution.


You need to make it easy for them to sign up.

Ask for the sale.

Tell them what to do next.


Now what?

Now that you know the general ideas, do you know how to apply it to your business?


Do you know how to build rapport and truly make people feel comfortable with you? Even when they are not happy to be there?


Do you know how to walk them through identifying the problem? Or how to help them recognize that you have the solution they need?


Can you lead them through the emotions they need to feel to sign up?


Do you know how to ask for the sale without encouraging them to say no? Do you know what words would make it easiest for them to say yes?


If not, I’d like to invite you to the Influence & Impact workshop.

This will be 2-full-days of learning all the techniques you need to grow your business.


But you don’t only want the knowledge

You want to be good at it.

That’s why you’ll be able to practice those techniques and get real-time feedback.


The workshop is useful for all areas of life.

But if you’re coming for sales, you will walk away with:

  • A template for your perfect sales process
  • New ways to answer the question “What do you do?”
  • Strategies for overcoming objections
  • The ability to build rapport and draw people in to hear more about you.


If the ability to have more influence would be useful to you…

in Sales

in Leadership

in Relationships

in Teaching


Then see if the Influence & Impact workshop is right for you.

Click Here now!

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