Today’s speaker..

I spent 4 hours in a class today – I went to learn about something… and it was not really the topic of the class. I went there to learn about the speaker, unlike most I have heard. This man was not only effective in front of the audience of 100 or so, but just as effective in talking to 1 person. I kept track of what I could see that made him such a skilled communicator:

He told stories that made the audience like him, and create a desire to learn what he was there to teach.

He was very aware of the audience – He responded to groans and sighs instead of just continuing with his talk. When he asked questions, it was to get a deeper understanding of the audience, rather than rhetorical questions that expected answers to prove his point.

Focus on honor & respect:
Repeatedly using words and phrases to express honor of one’s self, respect for each other and each person’s time & desires. And he expressed gratitude constantly.

He knew each person’s name, and used our names repeatedly. He made several statements that implied that we are special – and my favorite was his tactful use of statistics to say that if we buy from him, we would be élite.

Timed appropriately, after building rapport, then trust, he shared a personal story that tied his overall message to an emotional root.

Thinly hidden behind a “hypothetical” statement, such as “Some of you will want to do X, you will choose this program, you will buy this, and you will see that it is the best most wonderful decision you have ever made. You will worship me. You will flap your arms like a chicken.” etc.

Setting expectations:
“I’m going to talk about this part for the first half, then move on to this topic.”
“We will do exercises to practice.”
Most speakers don’t give a roadmap, and it was refreshing to know exactly where we were.

He had a way of saying things in a way that made the audience keep asking questions, getting them to the edge of their seats waiting for the answers.

He reframed his message so that it was not just about his service, not just about helping us make more money, but ultimately about LIFE – doing good, having the lifestyle we want, contributing to others, etc.

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