Join Us in London to Achieve Your Goals in 2017

Join Us in London to Achieve Your Goals in 2017

Smarter than SMART: Achieve Your Goals in 2017

January 27, 2017
London, Ontario, Canada

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Like most businesses, you probably had some goals, or at least desires for this year. Now that 2016 is coming to a close, how have you done? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do?

Were some of your 2016 goals the same as your 2015 goals?

Do you find it frustrating to keep setting goals, and not achieving them?

Are you tired of the willpower battle of trying to constantly keep your goals in view and making so many sacrifices for them?

What if your goals were so easy to achieve that they seem to manifest automatically?

How would you like to learn the secrets of unconsciously aligning with your goals, and making sure you get them easily and effortlessly?

There are only a few very simple reasons why some people seem to keep getting their goals they want. These people appear to have the Midas touch, everything they touch turns to gold. These people create goals a certain way. They store them in their minds a certain way. They take actions a certain way. In short, you need to learn those specifics if you want to get anything that you desire in your business, your health, or your relationships.

If that sounds good to you, then join us at Smarter than SMART – a workshop focused on creating well-formed outcomes for your 2017 goals and resolutions.

In this small group setting you will:

  • See a crystal clear picture of exactly what it will be like when you reach your goal
  • Identify what obstacles are likely to pop up and hold you back
  • Know exactly what actions to take to consistently move you toward your goal
  • Feel absolutely certain and confident that you will reach your goal

Early Bird: $59
After 12/31: $79

Space is limited to only 10 people, so make sure to sign up now!

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