Non-Verbal Communication

Last night I went out to Rainforest Cafe w/ the family, and at the end of our meal I started reading over a “Rewards Club” brochure that was on the table. The waitress saw that I was reading it and asked if I was interested in joining. I said I didn’t know enough about it and asked her to tell me about it.

She proceeded to tell me about it, and for the first time, I realized that her non-verbal communication was telling me the exact opposite of her verbal communication. While her words said how great the program is, her tone of voice said it’s really not interesting. But beyond that, she was shaking her head “No” through the whole spiel, and waving her hands in front of her as if pushing away a bad plate of food.

Obviously, I’m not going to sign up for the program. But I had never really noticed such incongruence before. Very interesting.

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  1. Interesting… …

    Just kidding of course. It is funny that you’re picking up on this stuff now. It’s likely something I would have missed on a conscious level.

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