Grey Blob of Pain

Today started with a very slight headache, and as the day went on, the headache grew stronger and stronger.

It finally grew to a point where it was really distracting. I couldn’t focus on anything else.

I was with a friend, and when he heard about my headache he decided to help. He held out his hand in front of me, and asked me to visualize my headache as a physical object. I imagined a grey nebulous blob in his hand, and he guided me through a process of changing its size and colors, and moving his hand around to see which locations would cut the pain. He eventually made the blob float away on the wind… and with every change I saw in the blob, the intensity of my headache changed, until the pain also floated away.


What the heck is going on there?

Turns out, there is a lot our minds can do through visualization. Slight changes in how we imagine things, such as size, color, and place, have an effect on how we feel about them. It works for physical sensations, tastes, emotions, memories.


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