Going Boldly…

Just over a year ago, we made the decision to move from California to Ontario, Canada. It was a bold move: Leaving friends, clients, connections, and community, to go where no one knew us. Leaving businesses that paid well to go where we had no prospects.

There have been many successes and many disappointments along the way, and now it’s time to take our winnings and our learnings into the next phase…

Looking back over my experience in London, BOLD is one of the more appropriate descriptions…

  • My highlights of the winter was brushing snow off of our car with bare feet, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and taking showers so cold they give you brain-freeze.
  • I experienced several firsts as an educator… my first 1-hour talk, then a half-day, then a full day, then 2 full days.
  • I was asked to do an impromptu 15 minute motivational talk with no preparation, which I would have turned down a year before, but I rocked it.
  • I shared an embarrassing story of failure in front of 20 people at F’Up Nights
  • I shared an empowering story in front of 80 people at PechaKucha
  • I was the sole sponsor gaining instant prestige at a seminar on writing and publishing your book

And each of these opened the doors to another level of awareness, challenge, and opportunity. I am grateful for every new story I have to tell, and for everyone who has allowed me to guide them to new levels of freedom and ability.

Today we begin the process of packing and planning our trip back to California, and again, we are called to go boldly. Liz has put incredible effort and focus into creating a plan for an amazing organization, which she now will be building. And I’ve started to find a groove in London… So, of course, instead of enjoying the comfort of it, it’s time to shake things up in California and move on up to my next level, with bigger audiences, and more travel (including an event in London when we visit in the fall). As my friend Christy says, “It’s Time… It’s PrimeTime!”


I know I haven’t written much here in a while, but more news and stories are coming. Keep your eye out for some exciting stuff!


This post is part of a series on my experiences in London Ontario. Click Here to see the rest as they are published.

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  1. Looking forward to reading more about your literal and figurative journey.

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