Canadian Phone Number

One of the little frustrations of moving across the border has been figuring out what to do with my cell phone. To use my Verizon service over here, I have to enable the International roaming service, which seems silly since I’m only an hour past the border. It’s not ideal because my Canadian friends have to pay long distance if they want to call me.

After spending some time searching and navigating technical difficulties, I finally got myself a Canadian phone number – Thanks to a nifty web-based service called Fongo.

Fongo is a free service that uses VOIP to send and receive calls using your phone’s data or Wi-Fi connection, rather than using cell minutes, and you just have to install the app on your cell phone or computer. You can add texting and long distance calling with some paid options. And while Google voice is only offering US numbers, Fongo is only available for certain cities in Canada. Fortunately, London is one of those cities.

For residents of London, Ontario and surrounding areas, you can now contact me at my local number: (226) 289-6231

For US residents, don’t worry, my (714) number is still alive and well.

Talk to you soon!

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