Find Your Enneagram Type

Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a “good” free personality test.

The purpose of this online assessment is not to tell you which Enneagram type you are, simply to start the process of your own self-discovery. The results of this test will provide you with information to help you decide for yourself – Never trust a computer to tell you who you are.

The following 36 questions present a statement, which will either be more true of you, or more false. Don’t worry about exact accuracy, simply choose whether it’s more like you or more unlike you. If you’re absolutely not sure, choose “Sometimes”

Remember to answer questions based on how you really are now, and not based on an idealized image of yourself. Answering based on how you would like to see yourself will not give you any better results, it will only make your results less accurate and lower the chance of identifying your type. Please be honest.

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1.It’s important to me to be seen as unique or special. I don’t want to be ordinary
2.I worry that if I stop moving, I could get stuck in boredom, pain, or deprivation
3.It can be easy for me to see all sides of an issue, but difficult for me to take a personal stand
4.I feel confident when I can be the expert and have deep information
5.I believe that I can get almost anyone to like me if I really want to
6.It’s important to me to be successful, or at least to appear successful
7.When a situation gets emotional, I tend to disconnect from my feelings and focus on the logic or data
8.I think of melancholy as a pleasurable experience
9.I constantly anticipate multiple scenarios, thinking about what could go wrong and trying to plan so that this will not occur
10.I intuitively know what someone else needs, but have a hard time articulating my own needs (even to myself)
11.I have an extraordinarily strong and bold exterior, sometimes intimidating to others, but I hide a vulnerable interior
12.Knowing that other people need me is important to my happiness
13.I have a very hard time relaxing, having fun, and getting away from my responsibilities (unless I am on vacation)
14.I create an invisible boundary between myself and others so that other people understand they should not approach me unless invited to do so
15.It can be hard for me to move forward until I know that all the risks have been planned for
16.My inner voice criticizes me for what I do wrong, and sometimes applauds me when something goes exceedingly well
17.I am so busy “doing” things that I don’t even know what simply “being” means
18.I want to impress others so that they will value and respect me
19.I continuously seek new and stimulating people, ideas, or events to keep life exciting, entertaining and moving forward
20.Whenever I get involved in something, I do it 120% – There is no half way with me
21.I avoid pain and discomfort whenever possible, reaching for new possibilities and plans and reframing negative situations so they can be seen as positive
22.I have a constant need for self-improvement (even though I know that no one will ever be perfect, not even me)
23.I have trouble sustaining my focus on work projects, people, and conversations without a considerable amount of effort on my part
24.Others might think I want to control everyone, but I really just can’t let anyone control or dominate me
25.People find me easy to approach and nonjudgmental in almost all circumstances
26.I have strong positive or negative reactions to authority figures and challenge them when I am concerned
27.I continually search for deep connections with others and feel distraught when these connections become severed
28.I have great difficulty expressing my opinions, particularly if they may be controversial in some way
29.I feel driven to perfect myself, others, and the world
30.I feel really good when others respond to me in the way that I most want, but particularly deflated when this does not occur
31.I observe life rather than being fully engaged in it
32.I automatically blend or merge with other people’s positive energy, but get distressed when I am around negativity, anger, and conflict that can’t be resolved
33.When I feel something very strongly, I hold onto my emotions intensely for extremely long periods of time, constantly replaying my thoughts, feelings, and sensations
34.I have immediate impulses to take strong and forceful action, particularly when I am feeling anxious or vulnerable
35.I project my thoughts and feelings onto others, having difficulty discerning whether something is really occurring or whether I are creating it in my mind
36.I avoid failure by engaging only in activities I will be good at, focusing on goals and making sure I achieve them, and reframing failure by calling it “a learning experience”

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