Getting Started with Coaching

To Begin:

  • Make sure you’re on the mailing list. Wes sends out emails periodically with important information and tips that you will not want to miss out on. Sign up HERE.
  • Complete the Coaching Questionnaire. Responses will be kept confidential and automatically available to your coach.
  • Get your behavioral assessment – Just create an account, fill out the questionnaire and you will be able to download the free report. Be sure to email the report to your coach.
  • Schedule your sessions. If you have a breakthrough session, you can schedule it in a single 3 hour block, or two 90-minute sessions as long as they are not more than 2 days apart. In person coaching sessions and coaching calls should ideally be scheduled alternating every 2 weeks.


Rules of the Game:

Coaching Participation Guidelines

The relationship you have with your coach is a partnership. Your coach is an outstanding professional, whose sole focus is to empower you to attain the results you desire. In order to achieve the results you deserve, you must do your part by following through on the commitments you make. These commitments include showing up for every scheduled coaching session and completing any action items that you have committed to between sessions.

What to expect from coaching:

  • In each coaching session, a typical format can include: check in and update, Q&A, resource sharing, coaching, the specific content for that session, and action commitments. The agenda is client generated and coach supported.
  • Experience real, measurable progress in your personal/professional life.
  • Enjoy a non-judgmental environment with your peers who are experiencing challenges similar to your own.

Session etiquette:

  • We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Much like a doctor’s office, if you reschedule more than 24 hours in advance, everything proceeds as normal. If you need to reschedule less than 24 hours in advance, or worse case, you completely forget a session, the session will be considered a completed session and will be counted towards your coaching plan.
  • To utilize your coaching to the fullest extent, make sure to be ready promptly at the designated session time. If you are late for your appointment, your session will still conclude at the original session completion time and will count as a completed session towards your plan.
  • Come to the session with updates, progress and current challenges. Let your coach know what you want to work on, and be ready to be coached. Make sure to complete the session prep form 24 hours before the session.
  • You may call between sessions if you need “spot coaching”, have a problem, or can’t wait to share a win with me. You can also e-mail your coach any time. We enjoy delivering this extra level of service. We do not bill for additional time of this type, but ask that you please keep the extra calls to five or ten minutes. When you leave a message, let us know if you want a call back or if you are just sharing.
  • When conducting a coaching session, ensure you are doing it from an environment in which you will be able to totally concentrate and focus, free from interruptions. It is also important that you will have privacy, so you don’t have to worry about anyone overhearing your conversation. It is imperative that you say what ever you need to say: speak your truth.

How to get the most from coaching:

  • Bring a notebook to each session
  • Be willing to invest at least 2 hours per week in your coaching homework assignments – remember there is a direct correlation between the amount of time you invest in the coaching interaction and the results you obtain in your life.
  • Ask any questions and openly share any doubts or concerns you may have with your coach. Your coach is dedicated to helping you.
  • Come to your coaching sessions with high expectations of yourself and your coach. Challenge yourself to act and think outside of your comfort zone.
  • Be open and willing to try new things.
  • We want you to be satisfied with our relationship. If your coach ever says or does something that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it up. We promise to do what is necessary to have you be satisfied.