Find Your Flow

Unlock Your Blueprint for Success and Fulfillment

Forget about waiting for that “Someday” when you’ll be able to find more enjoyment.

You have everything you need to live the life you want,
Right Now.

Just imagine what it will be like to live with purpose and passion.

To have your work feel almost like play.

To feel clear and confident in the direction you are going.

Life is long if you know how to use it.


Find Your Flow is the only way to get the full picture.
To understand how to use your unique combination of:

  • Intelligences
  • Natures
  • Motivations

And live well.

You’ll be ready to go after a brief conversation where you will:

  • have all questions answered
  • receive access to the online assessments
  • prepare for your calibration and planning sessions
  • know what kind of fantastic results you can expect

Find Your Flow is completely versatile and has proven successful in:

  • Course Study Selection
  • Career Choices
  • Career Transitions
  • Life Balance

Wow, this was LIFE changing!!!


When you know your blueprint, you can:

  • Find fulfillment in your work
  • Have peace around your decisions to spend money, to rest, to play
  • Experience excitement and fun
  • Achieve balance, integrating work, life, and responsibilities
  • Access the right tools and strategies to handle stress and anxiety

Here’s How It Works

First, you take a few online assessments.

This helps you get a foundation of preferences and behavior patterns to inform the next steps, and it only takes 30 minutes or less.

Next, we work together to “Calibrate.”

Since there is no online test that can really tell you who you are, we discuss the results, make adjustments, and create a profile that feels right for you.

Finally, we make a plan.

We review your profile, your current situation in life, and what it all means to you. Then we discover what directions you can move in, and what steps to take to start seeing the results you want.Since we make the plan together, you can feel confident that you can achieve it, and that it will help you.

So don’t worry about being stuck any longer.
Waiting for a way out will only end up in you looking back on a life of regret.

Schedule Your Free Intro Call Now and take the next step toward a life of meaning and fulfillment.

About The Process

Find your best move in every situation.

One approach to success in life is “leading with your strengths”. And Find Your Flow goes much, much further than that!

In chess, you don’t attack with only your queen or strong pieces. You sometimes lead with your pawns. A strategy that harmonizes all your pieces is even better!

Find Your Flow works the same way.
By knowing all your traits, you will find dozens of suggestions for your next move. We base your strategy on your full range of abilities as well as your current circumstances.

You will receive reports that will enable you to make better, more informed choices. Make plans that result in greater fulfillment.

Find matching careers, tasks, and hobbies.

Our program finds the best tasks, careers, and hobbies that match your strengths. According to your outcomes, you’ll find insights about the best ways to direct your energy and efforts.


Our career database spans 15 industry domains and covers over 600 specific job descriptions.
It helps you discover:

  • Where your path will be easier and more natural for you
  • Why you might be facing challenges in your current work activities
  • Where challenges might crop up so you can plan and handle them effectively
  • Where potential is going underutilized


Search over 200 of the most common work-related activities in areas such as leadership, training, support, and sales.
You will learn how to:

  • Identify the tasks you should bank on for your mainstay
  • Pinpoint and address the activities that are draining your battery
  • Expand your work portfolio with activities that energize you
  • Get the support you need to succeed–where, when, and how you need it


With a list of over 200 hobbies, from 12 different areas, you’ll have suggestions to fit your unique interests, abilities, values, and strengths.
This helps you:

  • Actively engage your unused potential
  • Become more energized
  • Get the most out of your downtime
  • Get you into Flow in entirely new ways

Get your personalized reports

Your personalized Enneagram Report gives you key information to understand your motivations.
This includes:

  • your Behavior Style and how you tend to seek solutions
  • your Coping Style in stress or conflict
  • how you process and make meaning of your experience
  • core fears, desires, temptations, and focus

Your personalized MN Report gives you detailed explanations of what your MI-MN Test scores mean.
This includes:

  • descriptions of your Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures Profiles
  • a detailed description of each trait
  • details of selected careers, tasks, & hobbies

Schedule Your Free Intro Call Now and Find Your Flow!
After a quick 15-20 minute conversation, you’ll be ready to start the assessments, as well as all the information you need.

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